Working Together to Make You Fluent

Building English and Relationships

The basis for all language learning is immersion, so our foundation on which we will build your English skills begins with conversation.

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A Great Value

Getting more for your money is important. That's why I offer valuable resources like lesson notes for every lesson, in addition to access to all of the resources on our site.



As a resident of Seoul, I've been teaching Koreans English for years. This is one of the reasons I can help you improve quickly and effectively.

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Business and Conversational

I can help in so many ways. If you need a boost of confidence in the boardroom or are seeking to gain more respect from leaders in your company, English serves as a great pathway to increasing the value that you bring to your employer and clients..
If you are already speaking and reading English fairly well but want to increase your fluency, or if you just need a couple of lessons to improve the sound of your voice, I can help you refine your skills and prepare you for important meetings with your boss, coworkers, or clients.
I can help you create and edit anything from Powerpoints and presentations and business proposals to memos and emails to clients.
So, whether you need to go overseas to represent your company or if you would simply like to sound better and feel strong while speaking English, you're not alone! I can help you improve from your current level to fluency in a surprisingly fast and fun way.