50 English Learning Resources – No more excuses!

If you’ve ever been unsure about where to practice English, this extensive list will give you enough ideas to practice everyday for a lifetime, and no more excuses to avoid learning. It includes 50 English learning resources for reading, writing, listening, speaking, and grammar practice. Go ahead! Click one and see what you discover. Use the comment section below or on Ben’s British English Facebook to share your personal favourite English learning resource.




British Council: Learn English

BBC Radio Podcast

English Central

Real English

Lyrics Training

Randalls ESL Cyber Listening Lab

TuneIn Radio


TED Talks



English Grammar Online

Perfect English Grammar

Grammar Quizzes

Guide to Grammar and Writing

Grammarly Handbook

Grammar Gamble Game

English Grammar in Use – App

Practice English Grammar

Grammar Express

English Grammar Ultimate – App




Phrasalstein – App

Woodward English

Speak Speak

English Club




Urban Dictionary

Genius Lyrics

DuoLingo – App



Breaking News English

BBC Learning English

Project Gutenberg

My English Pages

5 Minute English

Using English

VOA News

NY Times

News In Levels

Practice English Reading – App



Learn English with Papa Teach Me

Babbel – App

Meetup Language Exchanges

Mundo Lingo

Phonetics Focus – App

Many Things

Sounds of English


Conversation Exchange

Fluent in 3 Months Forum


Next week I’ll be looking at some of these resources in more detail, and recommending my personal favourites and how to use them effectively. Don’t forget to comment , with your own favourite and any extra recomendations!

For more help with your English, and to put your study into practice, contact Ben@BensEnglish.com or go to the Contact page to start your classes immediately!




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