Preparing for an interview in English – 5 steps

Recently I have had many requests asking me how to prepare for interviews in English, so in this post I’m giving 5 simple steps which will improve your interview skills immediately.

1. Predict typical questions

Ask yourself what an interviewer is likely to ask in any interview, English or otherwise. What are the typical topics the come up in all interviews for my profession and the target position? Make a list of these topics.

2. Study vocabulary


At this stage, its time to forget about grammar for a moment and focus on the essential vocabulary for the situation. Which of the topics and questions above are the most difficult for me, and what words are definitely going to be necessary in my interview? Make them into a list according to their category and study them. Here is one example:

Describing yourself: experienced, self-motivated, communicative, enthusiastic, strength, weakness, dynamic, hardworking, team player

3. Watch examples and steal phrases

Start looking at examples of interviews (there are thousands available on YouTube) and pick out some excellent phrases and word collocations that will be useful for you. For example:

Useful phrases: motivated by challenge, dealing with clients, meeting deadlines, delegating tasks

4. Start drafting answers

Now that you have your questions, vocabulary, and phrases, start thinking and writing possible answers to each question, or to talk about each topic. Write very short texts for each one, and include the key ideas and language. Its important to answer naturally, using the key things you’ve learnt but not just simply repeating them from memory.

5. Don’t practice alone! – Find a native

Find a native speaker or teacher (Of course I recommend Ben’s British English  😉 ) who can help you identify good and bad responses and language. Practice as if it were a real interview until you feel comfortable with all of the possible topics, making notes and adding to your vocabulary and phrase bank.

Bonus step: Put on your best suit and get ready for your best ever interview in English!

To learn more and practice your interview skills with a native teacher, contact me today for 50% off your first class!


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