Are online English classes better?

In recent years, more and more students across the globe have turned away from traditional classroom environments, and one-to-one classes with a tutor at home, and started learning with online teachers. So today I want to answer if online English classes are better. Here are ten reasons why I think that the answer is yes:


1. Comfort


Because all your classes are at your laptop, you don’t have to leave your home or office to get to class. You can wear whatever clothes you want, and can sit on your sofa if that’s what you prefer.


2. Flexibility


You don’t have to go to a specific place at a specific time with online classes, so its much easier to fit classes around your schedule. If you need classes at lunchtime, that’s fine, you just log onto Skype and you’re ready to go.


3. Shared documents


To save time on corrections, your teacher can share a Google document with you, and you will do all activities on this document. That means they can see exactly what you’re writing and can take notes as you’re going. This means no time is wasted while you wait for the teacher to read through your assignments. This will also keep a record of every class you have ever done, so taking notes is almost unnecessary!


4. Continuous learning

man with laptop on colorful beach of island

If you leave the country for work or a holiday, you can still continue with your classes, and won’t lose any practice during the time away.


5. Native teachers


Many more native teachers are available online. You don’t have to wait for a native English teacher to go to your city in your country, they’re already ready and waiting for you.


6. Cheaper


Many online teachers charge less for their classes because they do not have the same travel expenses as an in-person tutor, while as a student you will also save on travel time and expenses. Good news for everyone!


7. More resources


Increasingly more resources are available to teachers online, with games, news, video, vocabulary and grammar websites proving valuable in online classes. These resources are much easier to share when both the student and teacher are already at their computer.


8. Hear yourself


Using a tool like MP3 Skype Recorder, you can record your own sessions and listen to the class again after it finishes. This helps you to hear your own progress from the first day.

9. Keep time


Skype allows you to see exactly how long your class has been going, so you know that you get exactly one hour of class every time, and it lets your teacher organize activities perfectly so that you are learning as efficiently as possible.


10. Clearer


When you make a mistake, the teacher can simply write the correction, or new vocabulary directly onto the chat, so you don’t have to struggle with their bad handwriting. This is also much faster!


To start your online English classes, contact me today for 50% off your first class.


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