About Ben

About me

I’m a dedicated English teacher with a fascination for languages and language learning in general.

I speak fluent Spanish, and have a good level of Portuguese!

I’m an avid traveller, I have lived in Argentina, Colombia, Spain, and right now I live by the beach in Brazil.

I absolutely love new adventures and sharing stories with my students. I studied literature, history and culture of the Americas at university, so I’m really interested in reading about and discovering the culture of this part of the world.

When I’m not working hard on my teaching career, I’m looking for stories to record and publish as part of a podcast series I’m currently working on, listening to hip-hop, playing chess, or learning the art of bouldering.

Qualifications & Experience

I have been teaching English for three years now, mostly with Latin American students in Colombia and Brazil, as well as in Spain.

I’ve worked with people from all walks of life, from perfecting the English of boardroom executives in multinational companies, helping them to perform better in their meetings and presentations, to helping waiters in restaurants, who had no previous English experience, on beaches in the Caribbean. I’ve taught dentists, receptionists, nurses, accountants, and lawyers, so I’m ready for just about any situation.

My qualifications:

CELTA certificate, International House, London.

BA Comparative American Studies , University of Warwick.

I was also responsible for my own English school in Colombia, where I wrote the whole curriculum from levels A1-C1, researching and creating a new methodology, and writing 8 coursebooks for use by our business English students.

Additionally, I have good knowledge of the TOEFL and IELTS exams, should it be necessary.