Phrasal Verbs Practice #1 – Travelling

This is the first in a series of reading activities to practice phrasal verbs. I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the importance of travelling to broaden the mind, and including great phrasal verb vocabulary to help you learn better English at the same time. Enjoy! One of the most important things I do in a … Continue reading Phrasal Verbs Practice #1 – Travelling

Are online English classes better?

In recent years, more and more students across the globe have turned away from traditional classroom environments, and one-to-one classes with a tutor at home, and started learning with online teachers. So today I want to answer if online English classes are better. Here are ten reasons why I think that the answer is yes: … Continue reading Are online English classes better?

Preparing for an interview in English – 5 steps

Recently I have had many requests asking me how to prepare for interviews in English, so in this post I’m giving 5 simple steps which will improve your interview skills immediately. 1. Predict typical questions Ask yourself what an interviewer is likely to ask in any interview, English or otherwise. What are the typical topics the … Continue reading Preparing for an interview in English – 5 steps

La Importancia de Hablar el Spanglish

Hoy quiero hablar de un temor común que tienen muchos de mis estudiantes hispanohablentes cuando se trata de aprender Inglés. Ellos están tratando de tener una conversación fluida, sin embargo, llegan a una palabra de la cual no están seguros de su traducción, y se detendrán porque tienen miedo de que la palabra sea "Spanglish". Qué quiero … Continue reading La Importancia de Hablar el Spanglish

The Importance of Speaking Spanglish

Today I want to talk about a common fear that many of my Spanish-speaking students have when it comes to learning English. They are attempting to have a fluid conversation, yet they arrive to a word they’re not sure about and will stop because they're afraid the word might be "Spanglish". This is also a … Continue reading The Importance of Speaking Spanglish

Arriving to an English-speaking country – 3 crucial tips

As an English teacher, I’ve been able to visit many countries, arriving with the intention of living there and starting a new life. So I know how difficult it is, especially when you are not 100% confident with the language. I’ve written this advice section to give you some tips that have helped me in … Continue reading Arriving to an English-speaking country – 3 crucial tips