Ben’s British English classes are conducted via Skype or Facebook Messenger

I use Google documents and screen sharing to have a dynamic, shared experience with the student. With these features, we can watch videos together, read news articles, write texts, listen to music, do grammar tasks, vocabulary practice, and everything you expect from a normal English lesson – all from your own home.

Ben’s British English student learning English from her own home.


Classes last for 1 hour 30 minutes, and are possible from 1-5 times per week, depending on my availability.


The most important thing in English is to connect our natural interests with the language. What are your passions in life? Let’s use them!


If you love poetry, for example, then my goal is to find great poets in English, and help you study the real-life English that these poets use. Love surfing? Then we’ll watch surfing videos, listening carefully to the expressions and grammar to understand them perfectly.

Most importantly: You will be able to speak English, as all of our classes will be conversational, always in English.


With what?

For me, English is perhaps the most accessible language in world, so I think its absolutely essential to use real world resources to learn the language, and have a deep level of immersion in order to become fluent. Learning should be simple and fun, so let’s make it that way!

Ben’s British English student using Google Documents to write and edit a story.

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